Helena Imaging Center offers a full spectrum of ultrasound services with a premium Siemens ultrasound system offering grayscale and full color Doppler, power Doppler, and duplex spectral Doppler evaluation. We have a full line of high resolution transducers covering all applications.  Our friendly, competent sonographers are ARDMS registered.

What examinations are offered?

All types of exams outside the heart, including breast imaging and biopsy, thyroid & lymph node imaging and biopsy, abdominal and pelvic imaging, salivary, early obstetrical imaging, imaging of the infant cranium, and baby hips, along with some interventional procedures such as guided joint aspiration. Additional studies can be specifically requested when scheduling.

Vascular imaging includes carotid arterial screening, peripheral arterial screening, and extremity venous Doppler.

Many additional exams are available and can be specifically requested or asked for at the time of scheduling.